〈Here for good〉:亞洲實效營銷節作品範例

2011s年亞洲實效營銷節「最佳區域性品牌發展」類金獎得主,是新加坡TBWA為渣打銀行發展的〈Here for good〉行銷案(中文詮釋為:「一心做好,始終如一」)。

平面設計大師Stefan Sagmeister以字體短片表達渣打的「Here for good」品牌主張

Despite its size and profitable operations, Standard Charter faced a paradoxical challenge of being seen neither as global as its two main international competitors (HSBC and Citi), nor as local as its many domestic banking rivals. Like all major investment banks, the brand had also emerged from the Global Financial Crisis with a public image tarnished by perceptions of greed.

To overcome these challenges, the campaign sought to redefine the Standard Charter brand, raise the bank’s net awareness by 10 per cent by end of 2010, and reconnect with customers by presenting a new rulebook for what banks should stand for.


The marketing campaign embraced the rising public sentiment for more responsible banking – the very behaviour that had helped Standard Chartered avoid the brunt of the financial calamity that had befallen some of its rivals. Into the highly charged post-meltdown mileau, the campaign launched with a compelling new anthem for banking, opening with the powerful question: “Can a bank truly stand for something?” Four renowned artists from across the bank’s geographies were then recruited to provide their regional interpretation of the bank’s high-minded convictions in a series of short commercials and the campaign was later executed across multiple media, covering over 100 countries and engaging internal audiences, customers and clients, regulators, media and stakeholders.

* 渣打總部在倫敦,並在亞洲、非洲,和中東據領導地位。


1. Stefan Sagmeister ──平面設計師,創作中運用字體藝術,展現渣打「處處為吾家」的承諾。
2. Ezra Wube──出生於埃塞俄比亞的製片者與藝術家。運用繪畫及動畫技巧,闡述渣打如何融入變遷中的非洲,刻畫非洲在蛻變中的獨特面向。

3. 田壯壯──以樹木和城市生活,展現渣打的傳統特色和悠久的歷史。

4. Sandra Madi──來自約旦,運用紀錄片拍攝手法,訴說渣打對於不同年代顧


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