2012年坎城網路青年創意競賽第一輪國際評審講評:Alex Newman

以下先公佈國際評審之一的Alex Newman對第一輪入圍作品的講評及排名。恭喜取得積分的五個團隊:
Overall, excellent start! These teams did a great job for having such little time. I’m thoroughly impressed with the variety of creative produced in these banners. You should all be proud. The interactiveness of all the banners is spectacular. I’m thrilled that every finalist team used the medium of interactivity to their advantage really illustrating that online ads are not passive, but encourage the user to become part of the messaging.
第二名 (5分)
  • Good interactive insight. Attributing the applause to the continuation of animal cruelty was a great way to convey the problem. 互動利用了很好的洞察。將掌聲與動物虐待這件事情的持續發生連結,是提示問題很棒的方式。
  • At the end of the banner there need to be a call to action. The posters all contain a website, which should probably be present on the banner in either a button or a URL. 最後應該有個行動提示。題目的海報中都有網址,可能可以用按鈕或URL方式在banner上呈現。
  • The last line “Stop encourage this” Should probably be more specific to what “this” is referring to. The viewer could get a little lost with the concept that the circus is abusing the animals and you’ve been the one that unknowingly has been supporting the abuse. 結語「別再鼓勵這了」可能可以更明確指出「這」到底是指什麼。觀眾可能會無法理解馬戲團在虐待動物,而每位觀眾都不自覺支持這種虐待的概念。
第一名 (7分)
  • I love the interactive quality of this banner. The insight that you want to see a fun show then serving up the truth is right on. Great job! 這件作品的互動品質真的很棒。利用大家都想看有趣表演的洞察(來開始互動)然後傳遞事實。很棒。
  • The payoff, which is showing the number of abuses the animal has endured, could be emphasized visually.  My eye is so busy looking at the action taking place on the stage, I’m missing the statistic below. It would be great to have the statistic near the action counting up as the ring leader continues to abuse the elephant. 結尾是要顯示動物受到的虐待次數,可以考慮以視覺方式強調。我的眼睛忙著看舞台上的動作,其實錯過這些數字了。如果可以讓統計數字接近馴獸師持續虐待動物的行動應該會很棒。
  • When the animation ends, the banner needs to resolve to a frame that contains messaging about how to help. It’s said to briefly during the animation that people will miss it. 動畫結束時,banner應該接到某個包括如何採取行動的畫面。這個訊息在動畫裡頭太快就跳過去了,很多人會沒注意到。
  • The art direction of this banner is excellent. The style and feel of the banner is right on. 這個banner的藝術表現非常傑出。風格和感受都很對。
  • The character animation of the banner is very good (especially considering this was done in 12 hours). 動畫角色也非常好。(特別是竟然是在12小時內完成的。)
  • The banner would catch anyone’s attention by it’s anticipatory spotlight on the curtain. Great pull for the viewer to interact. 用光束和簾幕的方式也很能讓人注意,是對消費者很棒的拉力。
第三名 (3分)
  • When the banner loads, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to click. The Facebook page is riddled with buttons I’m familiar with in Facebook but lacks a direction. 當banner在下載中時,我不太確定到底該點哪邊。這個Facebook頁上有非常多我熟悉的Facebook按鈕,但欠缺指引。
  • The thinking is clear at it’s core. People don’t see the full picture. But the execution complicated this simple insight by adding unnecessary elements.作品的核心概念是很清楚的。也就是:大家並不知道背後的真相(完整的畫面),但執行加了很多不必要的元素,以致讓訊息變複雜了。
  • The comical photo of the user is distracting from the message. 這位「使用者」表情奇怪的相片也打亂了訊息的傳遞。
  • The ‘unliking’ aspect of the banner is lost as a small detail. It takes a couple times seeing the banner to recognize that the ‘like’ button is in fact reversed.作品原來要傳達的「不讚」訊息,因為處理方式而被邊緣化了。要看好幾次才發現原來「讚」被改成相反的了。
  • I understand why the team put user comments associated with the abuse image, but I feel it’s unnecessary for explaining the insight. the image is implicitly a bad thing.  我了解團隊為何利用使用者的評論來為訊息定調。但我認為這是不必要的。影像已經暗示這是一件負面的事情了。
  • Friend A, Friend B, Friend C clearly indicated that these posts have been fabricated as opposed to actual peoples names. 使用者的名字取成『朋友甲」「朋友乙」『朋友丙」,指出這些貼文都是編造的。用真人的姓名會比較好。
  • I’m glad the banner resolved to an end frame explaining the cause. Wraps everything up nicely. Banner 最後連到結尾頁把所有事情解釋清楚的處理很好。
  • The account that’s logged in says “elephant.” I don’t understand why. 我不了解為什麼使用者的登入名稱要設成「大象」。
第三名 (3分)
  • The banner need’s a call to action at the beginning. I’m not entirely sure what to do when the banner loads.  一開始時需要一個行動召喚的設計,banner剛下載時我完全不知道自己該幹嘛。
  • The banner comes across as negative towards the user and is blind in some of it’s execution.  Banner的設計其實是把使用者變成壞人。而且畫面上有盲點。
  • The ticket isn’t explaining why the show is sad. I only get that payoff when I click the elephant. 「門票」沒有解釋為什麼這個表演很sad,我一直到點到大象時才獲得結語。
  • The insight is slightly off. It positions the user as the one inflicting the abuse to the animal when in actuality it’s the ringleaders.  洞察有點失焦。因為把使用者變成造成動物虐待的人。其實虐待動物的人是馬戲團。
  • The end message doesn’t illustrate the problem and leaves the viewer with a negative tone.  結語訊息沒有說明問題,只是讓觀眾留下負面的感受。
  • The end of the banner doesn’t tell me what the solution is to the problem. The messaging should lead with some communication about boycotting ringleaders.  結尾沒有告訴我問題有什麼解決方式,訊息應該要導引到關於抵制馬戲團這件事情到底怎麼作的溝通內容上。
第三名 (3分)
  • I like the attempt at gamification in this banner however, it requires too many clicks to get to the message. Most people will scroll off after they realize they guessed the answer wrong.  我喜歡這個banner中遊戲化的嘗試,但是我卻花了太多次才猜對訊息。大部分使用者一發現自己猜錯就會跑掉了。
  • I get that this is a shared drawing app (like Pictionary). Most people won’t know that the banner is emulating this app. The execution could be simplified by removing the reference to this smartphone app.  我猜這是個共享圖畫的應用程式(大概和Pictionary類似),但是很多人可能不知道這個banner是模擬這個app。或許可以把這個智能手機應用程式的參考線索除去,可以簡化執行。
  • I don’t understand the concluding sentence “draw for non-entertainment.” 我不懂結語「draw for non-entertainment」的意思。
  • The correct answer “help them,” as a user unsure of why they need help, the end frame doesn’t pay off why we need to help them. The end frame says “help stop the abuse” but I’m left wondering what abuse is taking place. The image in this frame doesn’t pay off the need to help these animals. The posters used as the brief did an excellent job at showing two sides of the story.  正確答案是「幫助他們」。但使用者很可能不理解為何他們需要幫助。結尾頁沒有說明這一點。而是說「幫助停止虐待」,但我不知道是什麼樣的虐待。結尾頁的影像並沒有說清楚要如何幫助這些動物。但是題目中的海報卻很清楚說明了故事的兩面。
This round was stronger than I had anticipated. I can’t wait to see the next round! 總之,這一輪的作品比我原來以為的要強太多了,我等不及看到下一輪作品!
– Alex Newman

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