2014 Young Spikes Creative Academy 亞洲創意學院開始甄選

(2014.6.28)Spikes Asia 亞洲創意節大會已正式通知亞洲地區各國代表,Young Spikes Creative Academy 亞洲創意學院即日起開始甄選。報名參與甄選者必須製做能夠讓大師挑選你的英文自我介紹。形式不拘。候選人須為 18-23 歲全職或剛畢業的大專相關科系學生。

Spikes Asia 台灣代表辦公室將於七月底將提名人選交付 Spikes Asia。獲選人將有機會參與在 Spikes Asia 亞洲創意節期間舉辦的亞洲廣告學院,與來自亞洲 15 國的同學共同接受大師指導。台灣甄選預定於七月 25 日截止申請。請將自我介紹傳送至 canneslionstaiwan@gmail.com


The Young Spikes Creative Academy is tailored for students enrolled in design/visual comm./mass communication courses who wish to pursue their career in the advertising and media industry.

Criteria: Age between 18 – 23

Full time students / or just very recently graduated from related field but preferably students still enrolled in school. Displayed keen interest in advertising and communications [Some may have portfolios attached to their resume]

If selected, air fare will be reimbursed. Accommodation during the festival will be covered by the sponsor.

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