坎城創意節將於 2018 年舉辦 SDGs 創意獎

(2018.1.21)坎城創意節 SDGs 創意獎的成立,是在去年聯合國大會時,由坎城創意節董事長 Terry Savage 親自到紐約聯合國大會現場宣布。坎城創意節已於 1.18 日發表 2018 年度報名手冊(在坎城創意節官網下載報名簡章:https://goo.gl/Xp33NY),由報名簡章中可見,坎城創意節 SDGs 創意獎的設計,基本上全部來自聯合國 2030 永續發展議程。以下分別說明並標注對應之 SDGs 項目與細項目。(SDGs 項目與細項目的中文翻譯大致使用中華民國行政院國家永續發展委員會全球資訊網上的翻譯:https://goo.gl/JgTW6i。)

永續發展目標創意獎 SDGs 創意獎 SDGs Lions

坎城永續發展目標創意獎 SDGs 創意獎肯定善用創意創造正面社會影響力的創意問題解決方案或其他努力。
報名作品必須清楚展示對於聯合國 2030 年永續發展議程人、環境與繁榮各方面的努力
——評審指標:創意想法 30%、策略 20%、執行 30%、正面影響與效果 30%
——SDGs 創意獎的報名費收入將捐給 SDGs 相關慈善組織。獲贈單位將於坎城創意節前宣布。
——每件作品可以在 SDGs 創意獎報名至多四項目。

以下分項說明 SDGs 創意獎各細項分類與其對應之 SDGs 項目:

【A. People 人道關懷】

A01. Poverty 貧窮

Entries into this category will represent efforts to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. 消除各地一切型式的貧窮(永續發展目標 1)

A02. Hunger 飢餓

Entries here should demonstrate efforts to end hunger, achieve food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
消除飢餓,達成糧食安全,改善營養及促進永續農業(永續發展目標 2)

A03. Good Health and Well-being 健康與福利

Entries into this category will work towards ensuring healthy lives and the promotion of well-being for all.
確保健康及促進各年齡層的福祉(永續發展目標 3)

A04. Quality Education 高品質教育

Campaigns that contribute to the establishment of inclusive and quality education for all and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities. 確保有教無類、公平以及高品質的教育,及提倡終身學習(永續發展目標 4)

A05. Gender Equality 性別平等

Entries into this category should work towards the eradication of deeply rooted gender-based discrimination and the achievement of gender equality and empowerment for all. 實現性別平等,並賦予婦女權力(永續發展目標 5)

【B. Planet 環境】

B01. Clean Water and Sanitation 清淨水源與衛生

Campaigns that work towards the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
確保所有人都能享有水及衛生及其永續管理(永續發展目標 6)

B02. Affordable and Clean Energy 可負擔清淨能源

Entries into this category will promote the necessity of access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
確保所有的人都可取得負擔得起、可靠的、永續的,及現代的能源(永續發展目標 7)

B03. Sustainable Cities and Communities 永續城市與社區

Entries here should represent efforts to make cities and human settlements completely inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 促使城市與人類居住具包容、安全、韌性及永續性(永續發展目標 11)

B04. Responsible Consumption and Production 永續消費與生產

Campaigns that work towards the implementation of sustainable consumption and production patterns for all. 確保永續消費及生產模式(永續發展目標 12)

B05. Climate Action 氣候變遷

Entries here should re ect the necessity of the urgent action required to combat climate change and its impacts. 採取緊急措施以因應氣候變遷及其影響 (永續發展目標 13)

B06. Life below Water 海洋保育

Campaigns that promote the need to conserve and sustainably use our oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
保育及永續利用海洋與海洋資源,以確保永續發展 (永續發展目標 14)

B07. Life on Land 陸地保育

Entries into this category will promote the protection, restoration and sustainable use of our land-based ecosystems. E.g. Sustainable management of forests, prevention of desertifcation, and the termination and reversal of land degradation and biodiversity loss.
保護、維護及促進領地生態系統的永續使用,永續的管理森林,對抗沙漠化,終止及逆轉土地劣化,並遏止生物多樣性的喪失(永續發展目標 15)

【C. Prosperity 繁榮】

C01. Decent Work and Economic Growth 合宜工作與經濟成長

Entries here should promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Work that demonstrates efforts to reach full and productive employment for all.
促進包容且永續的經濟成長,達到全面且有生產力的就業,讓每一個人都有一份好工作(永續發展目標 8)

C02. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 產業、創新與基礎建設(永續發展目標 9)

Campaigns entered here will re ect attempts to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

C03. Reduced Inequalities 減少不平等

Entries into this category will demonstrate efforts to reduce inequality within and among countries. Inequalities can refer to disparity in incomes as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status within a country. 減少國內及國家間不平等(永續發展目標 10)促進社經政治的融合、無論年齡、性別、身心障礙、種族、祖國、宗教、經濟或其他身份地位。(永續發展細目標 10.2)

【D. Peace 和平】

D01. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions  和平、正義與強而有力的機構
Entries here will work towards the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They will show attempts to provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
促進和平且包容的社會,以落實永續發展;提供司法管道(正義)給所有人;在所有階層建立有效的、負責的且包容的制度(永續發展目標 16)

【E. Partnership 夥伴關係】

E01. Partnerships for the Goals 夥伴關係

Campaigns that contribute to the revitalisation and enhancement of global partnerships. Work that endeavours to bring together Governments, civil society and the private sector in aid of the implementation of sustainable development.
強化永續發展執行方法及活化永續發展全球夥伴關係(永續發展目標 17)
依據合作經驗與資源策略,鼓勵及促進有效的公民營以及公民社會的合作。(永續發展細目標 17.17)


首屆坎城創意節 SDGs 創意獎的重要日程如下:

Entries open 開始報名
18 January 2018

Late fee applies 早鳥截止日(之後報名費較貴)
After 22 March 2018

Increased late fee applies 第二次截止日(之後報名費更貴)
After 12 April 2018

Final deadline 最後報名截止日
20 April 2018



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